About Us

Our Swift English Institute is a small yet passionate business dedicated to bring both quality and consistency as benchmarks in delivering English courses both in Oman and the UK. We work with Cambridge University press from the UK in the design and selection of courses to ensure our learners get maximum exposure to the English language through flexible courses and at competitive market rates.

Our vision

To become a premier center of excellence in the teaching and education of English across Oman, bringing diversity of nationals and non-nationals to experience self-directed and self paced learning, complimented by one-on-one teaching and meeting the basic requirements of common standards established by the local authorities.

Our Mission

The mission of Swift English Institute is to provide high quality English as a second language (ESL) instruction and orientation in Oman to all ranges of needs from schools, universities, professionals and other non-native speakers by means of an intensive English program.

Our beliefs

  • 1. Each student has a primary right to receive teaching from a trained professional teacher.
  • 2. Each teacher has a responsibility to their students in providing them with the best possible educational experience up to the required level.
  • 3. English language education enables millions of local citizens to enhance their lives by learning English and makes the world a better place by promoting tolerance and mutual understanding through cultural exchange.